Three Section Staff (Sanjiegun)

Three section Staff Three weapons in one. The Three Section Staff, original name Sanjiegun (in pinyin San=three, Jie=to join, Gun=stick, pronounced “goon”) combines three different weapons’ best features in one: the Long staff, the Single sticks (Lian Gun, still pronounced “goon”), and the Shuangjiegun (westernized as “Nunchuk”). One of the hardest weapons to learn. The […]


Sai martial arts weapon Dagger and Sword, merged. What a martial arts practitioner should take into consideration when choosing his next weapon from the bladed-weaponry repertoire, is an armament that can maintain its lethal characteristics (as it is for the dagger, for close-combat situations), but at the same time able to guarantee a good long-range […]

Long Staff

Long Staff – The father of all Weapons The Long staff (pinyin “gun”, pronounced “kun”, also known as “bo” in Japanese Karate) is the first weapon a student should learn. It is the strongest because of its length, but also one of the first weapons man learned to use from the beginning of hunting. There […]