About us

If you visit a random website and click on its “about us” button, you always expect a list of names, each of which linked with his or her role in the process of designing and maintaining the web space.

Although Martial Arts Explained is a portal where different Professionals from all round the World join together to represent their style and showcase the best of their skills, the staff behind all this is just one person: Martial Arts Explained, in fact, has been designed, built and is constantly maintained by its founder Fabio Zambelli.

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Maybe you are not new to web and graphic designing, and you already know the time and effort required to keep a domain up and running; furthermore our website is not immune to glitches and some sections may still be under completion, however this wants to be my personal mission to make Martial Arts Explained a place to share my martial knowledge and allow people who speak the same martial language of mine to join us and share their experience.

For the curious visitor, Martial Arts Explained is not my full time job, and everything I do is because I strongly believe in the Martial Way: constant effort for a great goal.

Few ads may be present on the website, and I hope you will accept them as a way to contribute to keep the annual registration fees low, which are nothing compared to the hours and hours I invest in making this dream of mine real.

Please enjoy our website, and welcome to Martial Arts Explained.

Fabio Zambelli