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Acrobatics in Martial Arts

To what extent is it possible to say it’s a martial gesture
or just a very complex gymnastics pattern..?

Martial Arts have gradually won over the last generation thanks to many reasons, one of which is indeed their choreographic and awe-inspiring component. Having said that, it’s not compulsory for a martial style to include this field of study in order to be functional, however it’s a given that the ability to have a wider range of movements, peppered with a sprinkle of adrenaline, makes the Martial Artist a complete athlete.

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Martial Arts are based on a fear-less based attitude, and complex Acrobatics patterns just make this trait of the warrior more outstanding.

The best Wine is the one that is periodically decanted by turning it upside down

Regardless of the funny part of it, when you begin training Acrobatics you will feel different muscles getting involved, in addition you will be expected to feel sorer at the end of the day compared to other types of exercises you may have been used to (i.e. fitness training, sparring, dao lu‘s and kata’s, weapon training).

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For Acrobatics exercises to be also a moment of personal satisfaction and accomplishment, it’s important you prepare your abs and core at their best if you want to prevent injuries due to inadequate training.

What will absolutely convince you to continue in learning more and more Acrobatics is the following list of major benefits that your body will be happy to experience just within few weeks:

  1. a better blood-flow: the metaphor of the wine above speaks by itself 🙂
  2. more symmetry: you will learn to even up your body, in virtue of the fact that you will learn to “roll the barrel” on different sides
  3. less injuries: yes, learning to fall properly is a huge benefits of Acrobatics
  4. more stability in martial gestures following any Acrobatic pattern: you’ll become less and less dizzy, so your body will act just like you are just walking with your feet, on a straight line.
  5. increased stretching and mobility: your spine and joints will learn new movements: just like having two extra gears on your car!
  6. less fear: you will know what to do if you are holding your hand-stand and suddenly you lose balance: combining a controlled front-roll with a hand-stand  will be something that your brain will automatically remember in order to avoid a rough tumble.

There are few major things to consider before starting Acrobatics: weight, age, spine condition, joint condition, and genetic conditions like blood pressure. If uncertain, don’t attempt any exercise - even a front roll - without first asking your doctor. I know you are itching for trying, but we are talking about your body, so SAFETY FIRST.

I personally introduced Acrobatics very late in my martial career: I was twenty when I attempted my first cart-wheels, and I realized the huge benefit of this field of study immediately. I admit that, compared of an eight years old child, I don’t have that flexibility that makes Acrobatics patterns extremely good looking to look at, but if your purpose is the wellness side of it, then start training now!

Ask a friend for support, and even if he/she is not busy in helping you directly, you can count on someone in the sad event you injure yourself. Also, start training after a long warm-up session, and don’t forget that you cannot push a Ferrari-like painted car to its limits: you need a specific and intense history of physical training if you wish to train in safety and make the best of all maneuvers that car can offer.

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