Martial Arts Weapons

Martial Arts Weapons. To contemporary definition, everything that is Martial is associated to Fight. And when it comes to fighting for protecting your own life, everything is useful, especially any item surrounding you. That’s why we talk about Weapons: utensils born for just picking up rice or digging holes on farmlands, slowly turned into up to 120 handy defensive tools for self defense.

A Chinese Heritage. The tools used by peasants and merchants in ancient China unknowingly suffered an extraordinary martial evolution: after the stick – the father of all the weapons – another example is the Kama, a sickle used by rice growers in rice paddies, or the famous “two chained sticks”, called Shuangjiegun (Nunchuks is the wrong name but acknowledged as identifier of this weapon). Instruments that proved to be deadly, and then made perfect over the course of hundreds of years. In the Shaolin tradition there are more than 120 different weapons. In addition to the long stick, the famous are: the sword, the Sanjiegun (three-section staff), the Sai (perfected by the Japanese tradition) and the whip.