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Long Staff


The Father of all Weapons

The Long staff (pinyin “gun”, pronounced “kun”, also known as “bo” in Japanese Karate) is the first weapon a student should learn. It is the strongest because of its length, but also one of the first weapons our ancestors learned to use from the beginning of hunting.

There are so many reasons why this weapon is one the best in the Martial Arts panorama:

  1. it’s simple: you can build it by yourself.
  2. it’s cheap: pick up a stick and start training!
  3. it’s extremely efficient: because of its length, it can handle several opponents if properly used.
  4. it’s noble: it can kill, but it can also keep the opponent away.
  5. it won’t hurt you (too much) if you “stuff up”: compared to a sword, it’s certainly worthy the risk.
  6. it’s still useful if it breaks: two short sticks, in fact, are still a powerful set of weapons.
  7. it’s pure fun: acrobatic movements are particularly enjoyable to learn.

Because of the above reasons, every traditional Martial Arts school has got a Long Staff in its training program. Another important reason to learn the Long Staff is the ability to switch to more advanced weapons such as the three section staff and the spear, by virtue of the fact that basic movements are just the same.

Pro et Contra: our Verdict

  • easy to learn
  • perfect against multiple opponents…
  • …a bit different when comes to short-range combat: in this case, a Sanjiegun fits better both situations