Qi Power

Qi Power in Martial Arts

Qi (in China), Ki (in Japan), Prana (in India), life force… call it the way you want, but you cannot deny that some people has more energy, whilst other have less -or have a lifestyle that lowers their Qi-. Many are the steps towards Qi cultivation, however it’s up to you where you want to take your body…

Qi (pinyin “qi”, often written “chi”) is what makes your skin stand up when you instantly know that that racing car is more powerful that the others, when you realize that a person has a strong energy just few seconds after meeting him or her, and ultimately when you see that athletic gesture couldn’t be performed if that athlete didn’t have something more.

Applied to Martial Arts, Qi boosts performance to the top, allowing Practitioners and Masters to perform and endure better than others. Qi gong (the discipline of cultivating the Qi) aims at cultivating the inner energy of the body, so basically we can say that anybody can practice it in order to have a better and longer life.