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Two Finger Push up

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No. And it's evident by the fact that I cannot perform more than 3-4 repetitions, as fingers weaken the more you try to push them, and the risk of breaking them is very high.

Three things:

  1. Train all types of pushups, not just one, and as hard as you can (see "Fitness" section) , focusing on mastering the "five finger" and "three finger" pushup.
  2. Core training: seems useless, but if you have to waste your energy to keep your core straight during two finger pushup, forget that you will have enough power for even doing the first push. Learn more about Core Training.
  3. Hard Qigong. Yes: the mind will handle the rest. See "Qigong" and "Hard Qigong" section for more detailed information.

Yes. Risk is a component of Martial Arts. Finding the balance between Risk and Achievement is the ultimate goal.

Our best advice: don't rush, as you will reach your goal if you are really committed. Personally, I made it after 17 years of training, 12 of which on a daily basis. I am confident you can manage it within much less, as long as you train your body everyday. This is the most important thing.