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How to Break Boards


Eager to learn how to break boards..? Follow this video, and I will show you how.

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  1. First: have no fear.
  2. Second: Speed = Energy, and if you don’t trust my words, you can trust a friend of mine, who demonstrated that Energy = Speed (the formula in the video refers to moving objects, while the traditional, worldwide-spread Einstein’s short formula applies only to objects that are not in motion). So, the faster you are striking, the more energy will be impacted on the boards.
  3. Third: if it’s pain what you are worrying about, consider a scenario where you have to remove  a patch from you arm: the faster you are doing it, the less pain you are going to feel.
  4. Fourth: your fist must land on the first two knuckles (see how to condition your knuckles), which creates the best and safest way to get through the boards without injuries.
  5. Fifth: make sure you are hitting them along their weakest breaking line, at least until you get used to this type of exercise. In this video I used 20mm thick pine boards, but with practice you can risk more, by choosing thicker boards or switching to hardwood panels.
  6. Sixth: it’s not your first that strikes the boards, but it’s your whole body that drives your arm, in primis, and then your fist through all the boards: this is an fundamental principle in Martial Arts.
  7. Seventh: for one second forget about the tiles standing in front of you, forget about the boards you have to go through: think about yourself as pure energy, and get through the target. Your mind does not need distraction in exercises like these.
  8. Eighth: be physically fit, as only trained muscles can support your arms (especially your wrists) in this non-impossible, but still risky exercise.

Remember: if your want to learn how to break boards, the rule number ZERO is to proceed little by little, unless you want to get seriously injured.