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Stick Spinning Tutorial

Basic Movements

The following Stick Spinning Tutorial aims at getting you acquainted with your new Bo/Staff: if your goal is to gain full control of your stick, for practicing a complex pattern or just to have fun, you need to master three things:

  1. relaxation
  2. technique
  3. simmetry

This short stick spinning video contains the three fundamental exercise all Martial Artists, regardless of the style being practice, need to learn. They are divided into Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3.

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Both if you are an experienced Martial Artist or a just beginner, we highly recommend to always warmup your wrists by spending at least five minutes of your time performing low-speed movements. Never start spinning your staff without a proper warmup.

Advanced Movements

After mastering the above exercises, it’s time to have fun and switch to more complex patterns. The following movements, when blended with the basic ones showcased above, will grant you total control of your Bo/Staff: next step is learning a full pattern, which involves a more demanding fitness level and endurance.

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You don’t have a stick? Make your own by following our guide!

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