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Lian Huan Quan Tutorial


Lian Huan Quan (literally translated: “chained fist boxing”) is a relatively simple dao-lu (a dao lu is a pattern in Chinese Martial Arts, same is a Katà for Karatè).

The following Lian Huan Quan tutorial comes with a precise objective on the martial arts beginner: to allow him or her at getting used to double, fast striking. Throwing two punches in the fastest way possible is not that impossible milestone to achieve for a martial artist; as a matter of fact the sequence Lian Huan Quan has not gone past 1500 years of development just for one single purpose, even if it’s a quite short sequence:

your ultimate purpose when training this form is to be able to strike as fast as possible, alternating complex and cohordinated movements with moments where power and speed are fully unleashed.

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Lian Huan Quan is the perfect training for developing this set of skills, and does not require extreme flexibility: all its moves are simple enough for Beginners in any martial style to learn it.

Lian Huan Quan is the perfect pattern incorporating fighting features in the endless Shaolin curriculum of forms, coming straight after Wu Bu Quan (see also Liu Bu Quan) when it comes to progression in learning.