Our Mission

martial arts explained

How many times have you wondered if there could be a website about all Martial Arts styles in the world or just a place where all major topics concerning Martial Arts are discussed and finally exposed?

Martial Arts Explained brings to you, for the first time, a tool for all your Martial wonders. Whether you are a Beginner or a Professional – it does not matter – : Martial Arts Explained will serve your thirst for knowledge in a simple and objective way.

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For beginners, Martial Arts Explained wants to be the best online resource for helping you choosing the Martial Style that suits your needs, and if it’s not a specific style you are searching for – no problem – we have made things easy for you, dividing the complex world of Martial Arts into different units in order for you to choose exactly what you want to learn or improve.

For Professionals, we can proudly say that Martial Arts Explained is made by Professionals: each martial style, in fact, is accurately presented and disclosed to you by a distinct Master, and all its relative units – that we know are essential for your training – will be explained to you by Experts as well. Furthermore, Martial Arts Explained will be happy to have you onboard, because we believe that only with synergy and passion we can all improve the awareness of the World Wide Martial Arts.

DISCLAIMER: Martial Arts Explained won’t ever have the attitude of replacing a proper training, a proper dojo, with a proper Master and training Comrades: we are here to support your Martial goals indeed, but ultimately it’s in a real Dojo where real training begins, and this is our most sincere hope.

Martial Arts Explained mission is to strengthen the bond between Martial Arts and You, so that you can succeed in your training and all your martial goals be accomplished.

Fabio Zambelli – founder of Martial Arts Explained