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Push Ups for Martial Arts

The Golden Rule: Proceeding by Steps.

The following video will explain how to perform various sets of push ups for martial arts, allowing you to maximize your upper body workout without using any additional weight – just your own –

If you are still unsure how to perform the exercise-set in the video, check this  out:

how do you do knuckle pushups

are knuckle push ups good for you

After succesfully completing the incremental push ups set shown in the above video (excluding the two finger pushup), you can proceed to step 2: training with weights. Of course a complete Martial Practitioner will introduce this type of workout in his weekly routine, but for no reason he has to forget another golden rule: agility upon mass.

“as much as you can” would be our worst advice, as both your body and mind wouldn’t accept such a huge and sudden commitment. Our most straightforward tip, instead, is to consider your training like brushing your teeth: don’t expect them to become white just after one long session: brush them several times in a day rather that at the end of the day, and most importantly -be smart-: train when your body can give its best, exactly as you wouldn’t brush your teeth before a meal, but after it! …and regardless of the above metaphor: taking care of your teeth is very important 🙂
Fast reps for quick contraction, hence more speed and ripped body. Slow reps for power and mass building.
Work in groups, and leave the one where you do the maximum number of repetitions at the end of the series, where you are sure you are totally warmed up: in this last phase, maximize the number -even if you cannot push any further- as this is the moment where your body really highs its level.
Always warm up before starting your session. Also consider that the above exercises are intended as a guide / goal for your martial training, so please be aware that your body needs a long-term adaptation to training, not just a week of intense workout sessions: this could harm your body instead of taking it to higher achievements.


Pro et Contra: our Verdict

  • improves your martial level exponentially, regardless of the style being practiced
  • good for speed, good for mass…
  • …although it can lower your speed and agility, if you aim at getting too big and you don’t practice enough cardio and stretching
  • if quick results is your goals, consider getting hurt (plus the time needed to heal, worsened by post-injury damages)


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