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How to install a Heavy Bag

How to install a Heavy Bag

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The first thing you are going to need when planning at installing your new sandbag, is the place: choose a room of your house where your know you can exert your full power, without any inhibition, and if you are lucky enough to have a separate shed for your workout sessions, go for it!

Second: Pick the side of the chosen room that is structurally safe, while giving your bag enough room to move.
Don’t forget that the load your are going to apply to that bag is going to be huge, especially during those upset days everyone faces in life…

Third: Don’t just install your bag on a hook: just like in a car, impact will make that sandbag swing, with ongoing jolts being generated. For this reason, we really recommend the installation of a good shocking spring.

Oh, and don’t forget few extra coins for a nice steel swivel chain: that will make a huge difference.

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