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Best Post Workout meal for Martial Arts


Best Post Workout meal for Martial Arts – My Italian Secret Recipe

It’s the food we choose that determines the efficiency of our daily actions in life. For a committed Martial Artist, choosing the right food is essential. Today I present you my best recipe for an optimal post-workout recovery: my Italian Minestrone Buono.

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Before we continue, let me quickly point out three things:

  1. I am not a Nutritionist: my job is teaching Martial Arts, but you can trust me: I am 100% Italiano, and the food I was brought up with helped me a lot in getting the best out of my days, of my job, of my intense lifestyle. Under this point of view – trust me – you are in good hands. However, the professional opinion of your Doctor or Nutritionist is always the first one you should listen to in case you are following a particular diet or a specific health program.
  2. There is food and Food: in this video I used only Organic Food, which means that the result you’ll get, in terms of taste and shortened recovery times after your daily workout sessions, will be just the same as the original Minestrone my grandmother used to prepare for me before this world decided to modify our food: please do yourself a favor and choose only the best food out there. After all it’s your body we are talking about, and you can choose how much to invest for your body and well-being.
  3. Some of the ingredients I used in this video may upset Vegetarian and Vegans: I apologize for that. Please don’t watch this video or skip the part you think may contrast with your lifestyle (the above video will warn you when this short part will begin, so you can promptly skip it).

Here’s the complete list of all ingredients for this Post Workout meal:

  • celery: two legs
  • potatoes: no more than two
  • onions: one, big
  • carrots: two
  • chilli: up to you
  • beans: one can
  • peas: one can
  • garlic: as much as you can tolerate
  • parsley: a lot
  • rosemary: too much may take away the flavor of the recipe
  • basil and other spices: up to personal tastes
  • risoni: just a sprinkle, as shown in the video. More may make your Minestrone too starchy, so it’s up to you.