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Lower Body Workout for Explosiveness

Lower Body Workout for Martial Arts – Top Exercises for Explosiveness and Stamina

Legs, along with abs and forearms, can be considered the fulcrum of the Martial Artist’s physical training. Since legs are the part of the body that are responsible of carrying us around for as long as we live, you want to make sure that, when it comes to Martial Arts, their range of movement won’t be limited to just kicking.

A proper lower body workout is mandatory in order for the martial practitioner to perform the most intense and explosive gestures, and the reason is simple: the rest of the body has just to rely on them. Furthermore, a well-trained leg is also a leg that cares about its knee and, consequently, you can be sure that your kneecap will be safe in place thanks to a strong athletic build which is vital for any fitness practice, not only martial.

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