Joseph Cox Sensei

Joseph Cox Sensei, Student of the Martial Life, and Master Ambassador of Karate for Martial Arts Explained

Youthful Passion

Joe Cox (Sydney 1983) fell in love with Martial Arts at a very young age; a passion fuelled, like most young children, by Martial Arts stars like Bruce Lee. Behind this, though, was a hunger to find out the roots, the origins, the bunkai, the physical and psychological mechanisms that create a Martial Artist and to saturate his own life with these qualities.

Instant Addiction

Due to a heavy program of Classical Piano training and team sports, Joe was unable to pursue these interests physically, but instead devoured books on Martial Arts, Self-Defence, Bushido and the Way of the Warrior, building his thirst to train in this enigmatic culture. While completing his Diploma of Fitness, he was invited to join a local Goju/Shotokan Karate Club. Instantly, he was addicted, and began attending every single class that was available, and assisting in promoting the Martial Ideals of the club outside of Training time.

A watershed moment for me was a time when I was challenged to my limits, both physically and mentally.. We were asked to perform one combination. Front Stance (Zenkutso Datchi), Downward Block (Gedan Barai), Reverse Stomach Punch (Chudan Gyaku Tsuki) and Front Kick (Mae Geri). This combination was performed 100 times per side. A total of 1200 times. It was a hot summer’s day, we took no water or breaks. All of this was performed at full speed with low stances.

I found a Zen, moments of peace and happiness. I imagined water rushing over me, cooling me, and charging me to perform this one combination hundreds upon hundreds of times. At this point, I knew my life could only be satisfied with the fire of Martial Arts deep within me”

Growth and Experience

Due to a change in circumstances, Joe was unable to continue training with the club, but met Hanshi Bill Young at work shortly after, where he was invited again to begin training with him in Shotokan, at Kai Gan Kan Karate-Do, where he reached the grade of Nidan in December 2014.

Over the years, Joe experienced a number of successes in the tournament arena in both Kumite and Kata. He also actively became involved as a tournament referee and official, and has been certified as a tournament official with the International Sports Karate Association.

An Evolving Life

Feeling the need to round out his Martial Experiences and continue with forward momentum, Joe has now commenced training in Shaolin Kungfu, Baji quan, Taiji quan and Qi gong at Heart Of The Orient Dojo, under the tutelage of Shifu Fabio Zambelli.