The Way of The Warrior

The Way of The Warrior

The Way of the Warrior

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Being a Warrior involves overcoming all situations in life and most importantly it’s a choice. It’s up to you: live your life according to a code. Be proud of yourself and make every breath purposeful! This powerful and unique set of 50 cards, brought to you by Heart of The Orient, have been designed to support you in becoming a Warrior and to find your own Way, according to your goals.

Whether you are a Martial Art Practitioner, or just a human being wanting to boost your days, you can find inspiration within these cards to strive, thrive and succeed.


Find the Warrior within and change your day NOW!

The Way of The Warrior

About the author : Fabio Zambelli

Fabio has dedicated his life to Martial Arts for more than 23 years and has been teaching since 2005. Extremely committed and passionate to the way of the warrior lifestyle, he lives his days following Martial Arts’ principles: hard work and self-sacrifice. The diplomas he is most proud of are his failures as overcoming these demonstrated that Martial Arts values, along with their code of conduct, have worked on him. His extraordinary determination, concretized in Heart of The Orient, the world's first designed and hand-crafted Dojo for Shaolin Kungfu, is proof that human willpower has no limits.