Giorgio Soldani

My name is Giorgio Soldani and I’m a triathlete. I have always felt the desire to start Triathlon but I have never found the right time to start seriously. I began at 32 years old, after years of professional football playing. Although I've been told several times “you are too old for this sport”, my motivation took over because I know I have a dream: participating to Tokyo Olympic games in 2020. I train hard keeping in mind that without dreams we are dead. My mission is based on a 4 years plan, just like a bachelor degree. I am giving all myself and that is very hard because I work as a civil engineer during the day. I get up at 6 in the morning for running or cycling, then I start working at 8. At 15:30 in the afternoon I come back at home and straight to gym. In the evening I go to swimming pool center and I come back at 22:30. In the weekend my training consists in competing (it can be triathlon, or running/swimming/cycling). Whether I am not competing, I choose to dfollow a combination type of training (cycling plus running). I really hope to make my dream come true, even if this is not the point of my commitment, as it's not important if it won't happen: challenging myself to such a high level allows me to make new friends and training with professionals. It’s also important that all my energy is going into my dreams and having no regrets. I hope such a short statement of mine will help other people strengthening their willpower and trigger that desire of fighting for something you really believe in.