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Thank you for showing interest in our website. In order for any new article to appear on, some conditions need to be fulfilled:


  • We will host your content with the only purpose of making rich in resources that might help other Martial Artists, be them beginners or professional, to widen their martial knowledge. We strongly hope that the values of our mission and the nature of your contribution to us are similar.
  • We offer, as an exchange for the valuable support you are going to provide to our community, to display ONE link to a website of your choice at the end of each article you intend to provide us (see picture below). You can choose to link your articles to your Facebook profile page, although a Web page of your  choice (your School, your Club, your E-Shop) would look more professional: this is totally up to you.

  • This collaboration is intended as FREE: the sole return for you will be a huge visibility of your article/s and the Web page you decide to display. We believe this exchange may be useful for your School Website (if you have one) to be seen worldwide, as a valuable signature for the provided article/s.

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  • You must be a real person, or the legal representative of your Martial Arts School / Club, so tell us more about you when forwarding us your application: we want to make sure we are dealing with real Martial Artists, and this means starting with basic human interaction: knowing each other.
  • You must have committed and proven experience in Martial Arts: at least five years for Articles. If you are applying for representing a Martial Style, ten years of proven experience are required.
  • You must provide one picture, preferably in uniform, head and shoulders, of the person writing the article/Ambassador of the Style. The picture will appear at the end of each article as in this picture:


  • Articles must be brand-new and not copied from other websites. The reason is simple: Google bots and crawlers detect when a content is not unique. This may lead both the material you are providing to us and its source to get low scores and rankings due to its duplicate nature. We also want to make sure Martialartsexplained’s sources are genuine for giving our Users a nice place to visit, learn and expand their martial knowledge.
  • This applies both to text and pictures, so please make sure you are providing us unique content.
  • is deployed in English, so we necessarily need your material to be in a fluent, comprehensive English. Articles with poor written English won’t be accepted.
  • At least one picture concerning your article must be provided. Three are recommended. Still, material must be unique and not copyrighted. PNG format is recommended.
  • Videos are welcome, and it’s up to you to send us the full link of the video (you must be the owner of the channel). We cannot accept video files via email.

  • Content that has already been discussed in other sections of won’t be accepted.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any of the material we receive. Once approved, you will receive an email with the link of your article. Your article will be live on Facebook as well.


 If your Article is about a Martial Style, we usually follow this guideline:

FULL STYLE NAME (example: Karate Shotokan)
MASTER NAME With gradings (Duan wei, ecc..)
SCHOOL NAME Full name of you School/Academy
MASTER SHORT BIOGRAPHY Everything that can be useful for visitor to see at the end of your article, as Master Ambassador.
TEXTUAL CONTENT There are no limits: anything that can be useful for people to understand what the Style is about, on which principles it is founded, and which are its inner purposes. It’s important that the content does NOT have a commercial purpose (it has to explain the Style, not the Master/School), as a proper link to your external Website will already be inserted at the end of the page.
PICTURES OF THE STYLE Maximum five pictures, that we will insert within the page, showing the Style in a dynamic way (not you Club group picture, just the Style in action)
SPONSOR Absolutely NO brands in your pictures and videos (of course, logos of your Academy are welcome, but no equipment and supplement  brands accepted)

Your Martial Curriculum Vitae. You are welcome to send us you Martial Experience when submitting your message, or you can just attach your Martial Curriculum (DOCx or PDF format recommended).


We carefully read all expressions of interest, but if you don’t receive a reply to your application within one week, that means that it has not been accepted. We wish to thank you anyway: keep up the good work in your training and thanks for supporting Martial Arts.


If you are ready to come onboard, please send all your material to us.

With appreciation for your Martial career

The Martial Arts Explained Team