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Yunnan Red Tea


Yunnan Red Tea
(Dian Hong cha)
云南 金 芽叶 茶

Origin of the name.

Yunnan red tea, often called Pu er cha, is named after a place located in Southern China (Yun-nan, meaning “south of the clouds”), and in particular from the famous city of Pu er, which preparation method and the care with which this tea is produced are well known all over the world.

Martial Arts Explained and Heart of The Orient personally select and purchase the best Yunnan red tea, as part of a correct and healthy diet for all martial arts enthusiasts who train regularly and need to neutralize the free radical oxidative effect, typical of intense physical activities.

Main Features.

Red tea was mainly introduced into traditional Chinese medicine as a perfect substitute for the already famous green tea, not only for being caffeine-free, but for some key-factors that make this type of tea the women’s best friend.

Yunnan red tea is in fact considered by far Women’s favorite tea, and it’s often called “the red fat burning elixir” because of its unique slimming claims

Magic Explained.

Yunnan red tea is widely used by many women (and men) for its ability to optimize both intestinal glands and liver functions, thereby regulating the way certain fat or sugary food is eaten. Because of this, Yunnan red tea is world-renowned for:

  • being highly eupeptic
  • lowering cholesterol level in blood
  • drastically reducing sugar level in blood

With regard to this last claim, it is necessary to point out how this red drink is able to reduce the absorption of sugar by up to 91%, to the delight of those who do not wish to give up whatsoever sort of tasty and yummy food their own culture has to offer, not forgetting that, however, is the consumption of Yunnan red tea in conjunction with one of the abovementioned sugar-based and fat-based food that makes the benefits of red tea become effective.

Sugar’s number-one Enemy.

It is clear that, in order to have a tangible confirmation of the benefits of this powerful tea in terms of weight-loss, it is necessary to consume it several times a day – and why not – having it as a substitute of water during meals (it’s great cold in summer). And this is where all the characteristics of this tea come into play: regardless of the diet each one follows, Yunnan red tea’s mission is to accompany even the fattest meal towards its complex route throughout the body, with the difference that both the fat and sugar fraction will be literally demolished at each stage of the digestion process, with obvious benefits such as abetter digestion, and a sugar rush that will be basically stripped down to its tight-and-curlies.

Studies on this tea confirm that it is able to lead to up to 25 kilograms of weight loss in just three weeks

A secret handed down through Generations.

Most people would ask: “what is the secret of all this seemingly magic tea?”: well, nothing magic at all, just three simple but essential characteristics:

  1. the Yunnan region, whose special location and climatic conditions allow a collection of particularly valuable teas.
  2. centuries-old trees: the original Yunnan red tea comes from ancient trees. Its quality is therefore guaranteed by Mother Nature.
  3. special fermentation. In ancient China, as soon as they were harvested, Yunnan red tea leaves were pressed into loaves and transported to special warehouses where they completed their long drying process. It’s basically like the Master’s touch in wine industry, where wine is kept in wooden barrels for a long time, although it’s the journey from the farm to the warehouse that gives Yunnan red tea its special characteristics: in fact only wagonettes were used for transport, in order to allow tea loaves to absorb the humidity coming from the temperature changes of all the villages crossed during their long and slow journey.

Red tea in Sports.

Obviously it is never a single factor that determines success in things, so we feel we should recommend a moderate consumption along with a low-intensity but constant physical activity. If you are a professional sportsman or you enjoy traininig regularly, you will only be able to benefit from the magical properties of Yunnan red tea. Just like in a car, Yunnan red tea is the best “lubricant” to your engine, not to mention its ability to neutralize free radical oxidative effect, thus making it a true friend for all sportsmen, or at least for all those people who want to find a valid ally against the inevitable inability of the body to counteract free radical (ability which tends to shrink drastically after the age of forty).


Like everything else in life, moderation is advised, although there are no claims of contraindications for high intakes; it is also important to point out how important is to consult a doctor and get a professional opinion before starting “the red tea cure” with nothing on your mind.

Additional benefits.

Other benefits of this magical tea include:

  • it prevents cholesterol build-ups in the blood
  • may assist those suffering from stomach and lower intestine discomfort
  • may positively affect the way your kidneys work, without overloading them
  • helps fighting hypertension

The Pro tip.

The abovementioned benefits can be strongly amplified by a regular Qigong practice.

Good to Know, as well as Good to Enjoy.

Yunnan red tea can be enjoyed safely even by those who suffer from kidney stones, because it does not contain oxalic acid. Let us remember that Yunnan red tea does not contain any caffeine, and can therefore be consumed even by people sensitive to the effects these alkaloids may cause.


Tips for a correct Brewing.

Yunnan red tea is sold in small loaves that must be gently crushed with a short knife (like the one used in cheese cutting boards). Since even the smallest quantity will cause the leaves to return to their original shape when coming into contact with water, we recommend adding a few grams to your cup, and slowly adding water (water temperature must not exceed 80 °C). For the tea-aholic, use only water from glass bottles (and not from tap); lastly, remember that Yunnan red tea should be consumed exclusively as it is: without sugar and – much worse option – without adding milk.