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Music during Workouts

Music during workouts

Music during Workouts: why you shouldn’t make a Habit of it

Everybody loves music: it’s just impossible to find someone who does not like this form of Art, because endless are its styles as endless are the emotions that can transmit to your soul. Right because of this reason, music during workouts has the potential to boost the spiritual part of the moment, and when applied to your training, it’s clear how your workouts will benefit from it.

Remove soundtrack from movies and your favorite actors will look as tough as you.

Living in a Movie

If, ironically, we could live our lives with a constant soundtrack that follows us and adapts to the type of actions we are doing, we surely may assert:

Whoa, that’s life!” (no, it’s not: it’s a movie-like existence..)

…but since we are living in the real world, where outcomes don’t always follow a director’s script, the only thing we can rely on is Ourselves. I am aware of the undeniable fact that music during workouts helps and has the unique potential of helping us in felling better, but when our main goal it to use it to push our training sessions to the limits, what is going to happen when we have to face a real situation? Will your favorite track be there motivating you just like in Silvester Stallone’s movie Rocky IV..?

An Experiment made of Musical Notes

My personal experience has seen me using (abusing) music in every workout for 9-10 years, and I admit it: it really works. One day I realized:

Wait a minute: am I training in fitness or in Martial Arts?

Suddenly I decided to try not to listen to any music for a week, and I confess – I felt empty and unmotivated -. It was just like I had lost my purpose, as I felt addicted to music as something that could compensate that lack.

What happens after you remove Music from your Workout

Straight after the first week with no music, just like quitting sugar, my body and mind got used to it and, unbelievably, I could find the motivation I started my martial arts career for back again.

Today I refuse to use music during workouts, not just in my martial arts-related training: I prefer to find a reason to keep going within myself rather than let a soundtrack decide my pace.

I am fully convinced that silence during training, especially when performed early morning when you are at one with nature, leaves space to the best, ever changing soundtrack you can benefit from: the sound of martial strength.

Please don’t get me wrong: music is essential in life, but for no reason has to replace your motivation.