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Motivation in Training

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Motivation in Training: the reason why your Journey begins

When you enroll in Martial Arts, regardless of the style you are attracted to, surely you are moved by something deeper than just curiosity. Today we won’t make lists of all the possible reasons why people decide to enroll in Martial Arts, because each of us has got that fire within that may not look as motivating to someone else’s eyes as it is for you. We will go straight to the point, instead. Well, the purpose of this article is as simple as this:

Forget why others train: just remember the fire that ignited your heart the day you decided to start training martial arts. The others? It’s their business, not yours. You have a goal to reach, haven’t you..?

THE PROBLEM: Running out of fuel

One day you might find yourself feeling that lack of inner power that ignited your heart long ago, period. It happens to everybody, merely because each of us lives with two persons on a daily basis: themselves, and their mind -which is, most of the times, the one that dislikes the word “motivation”.

Experiencing a drop in motivation in training usually happens when one or more of the following situations occur:

  • you are not going to the gym tonight, or you’d rather have a valid excuse to feel at pace with your mind when choosing to do something else
  • waking up early is harder and harder everyday
  • you are missing too many classes, and you know it’s not because of all those compelling priorities you are facing this month
  • during your training, the clock is the thing you look at most of the time


Few words from your Mind. Don’t expect us from Martial Arts Explained to talk over and over about Motivation in training: let your mind speak instead:

Hey, I am your Mind. Sorry for letting you down lately but – you see – there’s so much out there to experience than that dull and boring training you do… C’mon, let’s relax a bit and forget martial arts!!

Now, if you are still reading, we would like to give you our ultimate tip for winning over your mind and regain your motivation in training. Two are the possible outcomes: 1: YES, you will find that old spark again 2: NO, you will end up considering yourself a fool for wasting all these years for nothing.

Ready…? GO!:

Remember the first day you trained, and why you started

Fabio Zambelli
Fabio Zambellihttps://www.martialartsexplained.com/master-fabio-zambelli/
Founder of the Shunlian Shenghuo Kungfu Academy - Master Craftsman of Heart of The Orient - Designer of Martial Arts Explained



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