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How to Throw a Kick Correctly


Facts first: a Kick is more powerful than a Punch.

Period: everybody knows it. But differently from throwing a punch – where your legs are responsible for keeping your body moving and upright – when you kick you must be also aware that you are giving up a bit of your stability, even if it’s just for a fraction of a second. We know that this goes to the advantage of a more extended range, together with a more destructive power (this is why people ultimately kick) but if you don’t know how to throw a kick correctly, or you kick just because you think you are doing it properly, you might compromise your stability and give your opponent a chance to use this attack of yours against you.

Learning how to throw a kick correctly is a must a for a Martial Practitioner: any technique must be refined alongside with a tough physical training. Mastering traditional stances and working on explosive leg power also helps in stability, no matter what type of kick you are throwing.