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Commitment to Training

Commitment to Training Martial Arts Explained

Just like a rocket, the most critical stage is the takeoff: fire and smoke for only a few meters from the ground, but once you are off planet the possibilities will be just as endless as outer-space.

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Imagine you are enjoying you favorite Actor or Sportsman in yet another amazing performance: isn’t he/she cool…? Sometimes we enjoy the talent of a Professional forgetting that those 10 seconds / 1 minute / 1 hour of performance are the result of constant, hard and gradual improvements: what we enjoy, in the end, is the preparation of both technical skills, blended with a daily-based physical training.

The rule is one and simple: a steady commitment to training is the only thing that will take you to achieve your goals.

Your fitness preparation in Martial Arts is everything: it would be useless to own a hypothetical glass-made Ferrari as it would last only two seconds on a racing track: for the same reason, you have to transform your body from glass to steel, and this step is only achievable by working hard everyday.

Water in different states.

If you could virtually build a car with just snow, you would notice that it would last a bit longer than a (impossible to build) water-made car. Now what would happen if we compact that snow and make it hard as ice…? Just as we used to do with snow-balls when we were kids: they become faster, harder and – yes – they hurt when you get hit by one of them. The same principle applies to Physical Training: condition you “snow”, make your body as hard as ice, and even powder snow can become a deadly ice bullet. Don’t forget to never back down, as it’s easy to give up when training becomes demanding.