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Chi Kung or Qi Gong?

Chi Kung or Qi Gong? The answer first.

There is only one way to write Qi Gong (气功) correctly, and it’s the way we just typed it: Qi – Gong. The pronunciation doesn’t change (although it’s never a “KunG”, it’s more a “gon….” (last G is mute).

Why not Chi Kung?

  1. First: “Kung” produces a sound that has nothing to do with the Chinese character 功 “gong” . “Kung” has been forced in dictionaries as being the closest sound to “gong” for most of the English-based countries, but it’s not the correct sound. Same issues applies to Tai Ji Quan and Gong Fu.
  2. Second: the words “Qi Gong” belong to Pinyin, the official and worldwide recognized Romanization system for Standard Chinese in mainland China , and it should be the only method to maintain the correct spell of Chinese words, along with avoiding any confusion.
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