Fabio Marcassoli

2011 2012 Italian Champion Savate - 2013 Italian Champion Low Kick - 2015 Italian Champion Savate PRO - 75 matches, 67 w 8 l I accidentally joined the gym in Boxe Francese Savate by Prof. Demetrio Larini in 1994. A few months later I started my competitive debut in Savate Assalto, light contact, where I fight and win the Italian champion title for many years to follow. In 2001 I began to fight in full contact, with the knockout, in various styles such as Kick Boxing, Full Contact, Boxing, K1 and in 2003 I won the World Tournament of Amateur Savate Championship in Grenoble. After winning several Italian championships in various styles, I start to fight at a professional level and within the Italian national team of Savate -80kg where in 2011 I dispute the World Championship and in 2013 in the -90kg dispute the Sport Accord in St. Petersburg in Russia. Despite the fact that I am no longer young, I am continuing to train and fight until I continue to enjoy myself and feel competitive