Meditation in Martial Arts

Meditation in Martial Arts Learning meditation is not about going to the Himalayas, meditating in a monastery and then returning to normal life and forgetting about it. True application of meditation encourages you to incorporate the principles into your everyday life and to every breath. This is the only way to authentically begin to experience […]

Malay Silat

Malay Silat The Malay term “Silat” means “Kung Fu”: it is designated to define the exceptional ability to perform a hard job, that is also meticulous, refined. Silat basic principles. Malay Silat is a Martial Art originating in Malaysia, whose principles are based on the harmony of the body: movements in Silat are inspired by […]

Etiquette in Martial Arts

Etiquette in Martial Arts Etiquette in martial arts is a fundamental component of the martial lifestyle, inside the dojo and in everyday life. Respect towards others, obey instructors, students, sparring partners, or, even strangers, should be practiced always. Although rules and expectations vary between styles, and even practitioners, there are several ‘general’ rules that should […]

Handstand Push up Extreme

Handstand Push up Extreme A good exercise if you want to test your ability to maintain concentration under pressure (and up side down…) ATTENTION: carefully read the following rules before attempting this exercise 1: having a training history, doesn’t matter which sport 2: no previous injuries to wrists and back 3: having succesfully accomplished the […]

Acrobatics in Martial Arts

Acrobatics in Martial Arts To what extent is it possible to say it’s a martial gesture or just a very complex gymnastics pattern..? Martial Arts have gradually won over the last generation thanks to many reasons, one of which is indeed their choreographic and awe-inspiring component. Having said that, it’s not compulsory for a martial […]