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10 reasons to stop training

  1. I am training once every fortnight. No way: your muscles won’t even hear the alarm clock: you need a better plan. Make better use of your time, as you wouldn’t eat a big meal every two weeks.
  2. I want to win all possible awards in Martial tournaments. Sure you will, but sooner or later you will stop, as you’ll get old and that’s a transitory objective. There is something you can win every single day of your life, though, and that’s the Award for never giving up in your daily training.
  3. I want to confront as many people as possible to prove how good I am. This is not Art. This is not even Sport, as it does not match its deepest values. Of course you will accomplish your task, but Change is the living proof that nothing last forever: how will you you feel when -for any reason- you won’t be that strong anymore…?
  4. I want to be big and muscly with Martial Arts. Well, why not just a gym, then? If that’s your objective, maybe it’s better you choose something that matches your real goals. Martial Arts training makes you also loose weight, so why don’t you consider Body building instead? You will achieve your goals quickly.
  5. I want to become a Professional and earn heaps of money! Please think twice: the day you start considering your Students  as a source of income (or Athletes if you are a fitness Instructor), you will lose the deep purpose of training: see them as persons, instead, not as notes or coins. But this is ultimately your choice.
  6. I want to train hard until I can perform full split or 100 pushups in one minute: this is all I want. Nice goal, but there’s something more than that to achieve in martial training.
  7. You are training blandly, just for telling yourself you accomplished your daily/weekly martial goal. No way: Martial way, or switch to a fitness course.
  8. You are a Teacher/Master and your teaching not only does not follow the Martial Arts Code, but your purposes are way far from it, or even wicked.
  9. You have chosen Martial Arts just to commit to something that is cool and follows the trend.
  10. You have chosen Martial Arts just to be accepted by your fit and strong comrades: probably you don’t know yourself enough, otherwise you would acknowledge your inner potential in another way…
Fabio Zambelli
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