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10 reasons to keep on training

  1.  If your body is naturally healthy and fit, you have an obligation to honor it with proper training. You don’t know how many people would like to own that car of yours (your body), but they just don’t have a chance because they are physically unwell or their body prevents them for training. An economy car can be tuned to a super car if you want it.
  2. If you are close to giving up, think yourself as one step closer to victory, but unable to see the checkpoint as your mind has taken control of your eyes, shutting them completely. You think you are fighting for victory, but you are just fighting against your Mind: the finish line is just there.
  3. I am getting old: why should I start training/keep training? Well, someone (or something) wanted you on this planet to be slower and have less energy every year. Can you imagine if this everyday experience was the opposite…? Imagine a world where you could gain energy and strength every year instead of losing it. You consequently want to live forever, as you get better and better everyday and when your time comes you’d rather not leave (who would want to leave this planet when they are at the peak of their personal strength..?). Wouldn’t it suck…? That’s why we have to train constantly even if we get older and less powerful. That’s real strength – living every single day knowing that you have given your best and whatever happens you have no remorse because “I give my soul for it!”
  4. You want to show others how tough and motivated you are. Okay then, you can stop here. I don’t want to disappoint you, but once you prove what you want to prove, what else is left to be worth training for..? Train for yourself, every day, and prove to yourself that you are worth the name you carry.
  5. You are training too hard and too much: I’m not going to make it! Correct, stop and think the. Rome wasn’t built in a day and if it’s about building, we are talking about foundations which are the hidden part of the city and silently sustain all buildings. Make sure you don’t rush in this vital process or the whole city you are building will collapse once you have completed it. Concrete needs to dry before you can paint it, the same way your body needs small but constant steps towards your goals.
  6. I met someone stronger than me: I won’t ever be able to reach that level. This is part of the process of achieving higher goals everyday. Use that person as your new milestone in your training! Use difficulties to your own advantage!
  7. I injured myself and I don’t want to train anymore! Thinking about losing all these years of training makes me wanna stop. Okay, but before stopping, please ask that bird you see over there: yep, he’s standing on just one leg. How such a thin leg can sustain all that weight? It’s called Adaptation, and if that Bird can do it without complaining, why shouldn’t you..?
  8. I lost motivation in my training: I used to be more committed once, but now it looks like nothing can get me out of bed in the morning… Answer: I personally think this is pretty difficult to process, as you are actually lacking fuel, and no fuel means engine-off. My personal tip for you is not to wait until you have to go to bed to solve this temporary lack of motivation. If you don’t find a reason to feel proud of yourself before falling asleep, your days will become less meaningful and you will become sad. Reduce your training, but don’t give up. Find a reason to complete your day with a smile of accomplishment. This link might help
  9. I simply want to stop training. Okay: it’s your choice. Hopefully you won’t have the same attitude on your next sport/hobby/job. Build a huge Lego instead of starting many little ones.
  10. Looks like nobody is following my sport/style any longer: how can I keep training knowing that there are sports out there where athletes are followed and motivated by such a huge crowd?! I feel I’m training for nothing… If you are training for a crowd, maybe it’s better to start studying to become an actor. If you are still training for yourself but you feel your sport/art is slowing losing trend, don’t forget that you are not alone: just like you, there are many athletes in the world that share your vision, so don’t feel you are the only one fighting for your ideals. Share your message to the world instead!