What is the deadliest form of Martial Arts in the World?

What is the deadliest form of Martial Arts in the World?

what is the deadliest form of martial arts in the world

Potentially, all martial arts styles, no exclusion. It all depends in which hands that “weapon” is placed; if you have an impulsive and hot-tempered attitude, of course you can’t wait to have a chance to try your techniques out, and what is worse, they would work even perfectly, and the reason is simple: your martial anger is full on if you have the wrong attitude, hence maximum power is unleashed.

Art also means control, therefore a true martial artist knows the potential of his techniques -even the simplest one- but abstains from showing his skills, as he is aware of this golden principle, unfortunately forgotten:

Martial Arts are for defense only: if you use them for other purposes you are stepping on the Code of Worldwide Martial Arts

Okay, but in the end what is the deadliest form of Martial Arts in the World? The deadliest form of martial art is the one that is free from fear, thoughts and empathy: as a matter of fact, it’s known to everyone, on the martial arts panorama, how some fighting sports are extremely powerful and K.O. focused. The reason is simple: athletes decide to fight, unleashing full potential of their rage, unquestionably honoring the meaning of the word “martial”: for war.

Martial: from Latin “Martialis“, belonging to Mars, the God of War

However, the subsequent message that is given to martial arts enthusiasts is also that Art equals fighting to win in a tournament, which is the most unfitting place for such a deep and ancient word to be used. The noun “Art” should have a different meaning when connected to the word “martial”. Although competition and fighting is something that won’t ever be detached from martial arts, a true martial artist should compete without forgetting which are the values and the fundamental principles of Martial Arts.

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Fabio Zambelli
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