Drunken Fist – Zui quan

Drunken Fist Boxing

Drunken Fist Boxing (Zui Quan)

Drunken Fist Boxing (Zui Quan) is the hardest among Chinese Martial Arts styles. This style aims at getting the enemy distracted through irregular and off-balance movements. Regardless of its legendary origins and its weird-looking movements, Drunken Fist Boxing is very useful for giving the fighter the ability to fight and attack in any condition.

Probably the most bizarre but choreographic of all Martial Arts styles, Drunken Fist Boxing is mysterious like its origin. It is also called the Boxing of the Eight Drunkards, taking this name from the legends surrounding the Taoistic period where Drunken Boxing was born. Following their Taoistic heritage, these eight immortals show not the pleasure of drinking but the ability to blend sobriety with skills and as a consequence of this, attaining enlightenment as fluidity and freedom of movement.

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About the author : Fabio Zambelli

Fabio Zambelli
Fabio has dedicated his life to Martial Arts for more than 20 years and has been teaching since 2005. Extremely committed and passionate to the way of the warrior lifestyle, he lives his days following Martial Arts’ principles: hard work and self-sacrifice. The diplomas he is most proud of are his failures as overcoming these demonstrated that Martial Arts values, along with their code of conduct, have worked on him. His extraordinary determination, concretized in Heart of The Orient, the world's first designed and hand-crafted Dojo for Shaolin Kungfu, is proof that human willpower has no limits.

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